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Yin Yoga Is A Slower Paced Form Of Yoga That Helps You Stretch More Effectively And Relax More Deeply. 

Yin Targets The Deep Connective Tissues And Fascia In The Body And Helps To Regulate The Flow Of Energy Through The Body. 

Most Of The Class Takes Place On The Floor With An Emphasis On Holding Postures From 2 To 5 Minutes To Lengthen Muscles And Release Tension From The Entire Body.  

Slow, Simple Yin Yoga Is The Class To Choose If You Want To Calm The Mind, Reduce Muscle Tension And General Mental And Physical Fatigue.  Just Make Sure To Wear Comfortable, Warm Clothes.   Leave Feeling More Grounded, Calmer And Revitalised.

Most Yin Postures Are Passive And Held For Longer To Allow The Body To Slowly Stretch And Unwind.  Knots In Muscles Are Released So Energy Can Flow Freely Throughout The Body. 

As We Age, Flexibility In The Joints Decrease And Yin Yoga Is A Wonderful Way To Maintain That Flexibility.  Other Physical Benefits Of Yin Yoga Can Include Increased Mobility, Lowered Blood Pressure, Improved Immune Function And Digestion. 

On A Mental And Emotional Level, The Practice Can Help To Promote Relaxation And Lower Stress Levels As It Becomes Calming And Balancing For The Body And Mind.  Yin Yoga Is A Great Complement To Other Forms Of Exercise And An Active Life And Can Help Those Who Feel Distracted By A 'Busy Mind'.