Restorative Yoga Is About Slowing Down And Opening The Body Through Passive Stretching.  The Focus Is On Relaxation - Poses Are Supported Using Bolsters, Straps, Cushions And Blankets To Allow Them To Be Held For Longer.  

Once Set Up In A Supported Pose, You Will Hold The Pose For An Extended Period.  During The Long Holds, Muscles Relax Completely. 

Most Of The Class Will Take Place On The Floor, Along With Dimmed Lights And Soft Music.  At The End Of The Session Your Body Feels Open And Refreshed And Your Mind Calm.

Restorative Yoga Is All About Taking Some Time Out From An Otherwise Busy Life And Mind To Restore And Renew. 

  It Allows The Body To Drop Into The Parasympathetic Nervous System,  Becoming Healing And Nourishing.   In Today's World Of Constant Texts, Emails And Social Media Updates, There Can Be Mental Overload And Fatigue -

 Restorative Yoga Provides A Much Needed Balance To This. 

Prepare For Deep Relaxation And Leave Feeling More Grounded, Calmer And Revitalised.