Iyengar Yoga


Iyengar Yoga Is Accessible To Anyone.

Regular Practice Increases Suppleness, Strength And Stamina, Improves Posture And Concentration And Quietens The Mind To Promote Well-Being.  

The Iyengar Yoga Technique Emphasises Precision And Alignment. Quality Of Movement Is Prioritised Over Quantity. You Learn To Move With Ease In Your Body While Working Within Your Limitations. This Makes The Yoga Postures (Asanas) Safe To Perform.  

 The Practice Is Progressive, Building A Stable Foundation Before Attempting More Demanding Work.


Iyengar Yoga Beginners

Beginners Iyengar Yoga

Beginners Start With Standing Yoga Poses And Are Gradually Introduced To A Fuller Range Of Sitting And Reclining Yoga Postures, Forward Extensions, Inversions, Twists, Backbends And Arm Balances.

These Classes Are Suitable For The Complete Beginner. Focus Will Be Given To The Precision And Alignment In The Asana (Pose). Asanas Are Held For Progressively Longer Periods Of Time To Achieve Maximum Benefit From Each Asana. Classes Will Start With Standing Poses, And Are Used To Build Strength And Stamina In The Body, Before Progressing On To More Advanced Postures. On Leaving Class, Students Quite Often Say They Feel More Energised, Despite Having Worked Quite Hard.



Improvers Iyengar Yoga

 Students In This Class Are Expected To Have Practiced Iyengar Yoga For A Minimum Of 2 Years, And Be Familiar With Inversions.



Iyengar Chair Yoga

These Classes Focus On Using A Chair As A Prop To Practice The Asanas. The Benefits Of Using Props Include: • An Aid To Help Us Perform Those Asanas Which Are Difficult To Perform Independently • Achieve And Maintain Correct Alignment During Our Practice • Stay Longer And Relax In Challenging Asanas In Order To Attain Their Full Benefit. These Classes Are Suitable For All, Irrespective Of Age Or Ability, And All Equipment, Including The Chairs, Will Be Provided.